Six criteria to consider when buying an external hard drive

05/2020 In these times of increasing cyber-attacks, data protection and data security become increasingly important not only for businesses but also for private users. That is why regular backups of critical data from PCs or notebooks are essential. Although SSDs are very popular, for cost reasons external HDDs are still the best choice for the majority of users. However, which hard drive is the correct one? Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH can help.

The range of external hard drives is larger than ever, extending from cost-effective products to high-end models with an extensive software offering. Toshiba recommends that consumers make their purchasing decision based upon the following six criteria:

1) Storage Capacity
The first question to be answered is, what storage capacity do I need? There are no restrictions in the product range, with drives ranging from lower capacity models of 500GB, up to huge 4TB options. The selection also depends on the area of application for the hard drive, such as whether it is just used for complete backups at home or primarily for the regular transport of specific data from A to B.

2) Features
Interfaces and connectivity are of great importance. An external hard drive that can still be used easily in a few years’ time should also be state-of-the-art in terms of its interface, featuring, for example, a USB Type-C connection.

3) Software 
When it comes to software, the backup and security features offered are of particular importance. Any existing backup software should offer an intuitive and user-friendly interface as well as support for different storage options when, for example, setting backup schedules. If a user wants to protect their private data quickly and easily against unauthorised access, password management should also be one of the available software features.

4) Size and Weight 
Weight and size are also essential if the hard drive is not only used for data backup at home but also while on the move. And design is also an important aspect for many consumers. Today there are many great-looking, stylishly-designed products to choose from.

5) Value for Money 
The cost and the price-performance ratio should also be carefully considered. Users should take a close look at the features included and compare them in relation to the cost. The most expensive product may not always be the best for your needs.

6) Warranty 
Finally, the warranty conditions should also be checked. Here there are also differences ranging from statutory warranty periods, through warranty extensions, to a three-year warranty that is included in the purchase cost.

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