Lab Report: Promise VTrak 5960 JBOD


Striving for climate neutrality and sustainability is key in modern data centers. The aim: Keeping the power consumption and the overall carbon footprint low, while processing 24/7 an enormous amount of data – data that has been and will be stored on hard disk drives mostly.

Green initiatives affect all areas of the datacenter, from techniques like waste heat re-usage or free cooling, down to the use of sustainably produced inventory and state-of-the–art Hard Disk Drive (HDD) technologies.


Tested Product

The new VTrak J5960 4U 60-Bay toploader JBOD from Promise is promoted as a “JBOD with green DNA”, including a commitment to environmental protection and sustainable production. Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH (“Toshiba”) had the chance to test and evaluate this JBOD in the lab, with 60 Toshiba Enterprise HDDs with 18TB data storage capacity being used, giving a total capacity of 1080TB.

Toshiba tested for function, performance, acoustics and power consumption, with a focus on evaluating the green-JBOD claimed by Promise.


Download the Lab Report results here!

Author: Rainer W. Kaese, Senior Manager, HDD Business Development at Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH